Friday, October 21, 2011

Cupcake Hat

This cupcake is my latest (and most delicious!) creation yet. 

Red Heart SuperSaver (100% acrylic), Light Pink
Red Heart SuperSaver (100% acrylic), Brown
Lily Sugar 'n Cream (100% acrylic), Sage Green 

For the upper portion of the cupcake, I began with a simple newborn hat pattern using single crochet, alternating rounds of single crochet with increasing rounds. Once the top was large enough, I created the ruffled edge using a combination of SC, HDC, & DC stitches. 

The ribbed lower portion, representing the cupcake wrapper, was created entirely in DC, alternating front post & back post stitches. 

For the rose, I modified this rose pattern to create a smaller version of the flower and leaves. 

The sprinkles on the cupcake were actually the hardest part. To create those, I tied several knots on a long piece of yarn, then pulled the knots to the visible part of the hat while leaving the rest of the yarn visible on the underside. 

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